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30-Day Training

Horses in for training will receive full care boarding and five training sessions per week. Training sessions will be individualized for the discipline of the horse and will include groundwork as necessary.




$1400 monthly

$45 an hour for extra rides



Training for Resale

Our resale program consists of full care boarding along with four training sessions per week. Temple Equestrian Center will handle arrangements with potential buyers as well as advertising.  


$1400 monthly

$45 an hour for extra rides

15% commission on

sale of horse


Individual Training Sessions

Individual training sessions can be scheduled for our horse as needed. If you are having a specific issue with your horse, you are out of town, or your horse needs more exercise, then schooling can help keep your horse fit.




$45 one hour ride



Other Fees

Some travel and hauling fees may apply for those needing to transport their horse to Temple Equestrian Center or have a staff member travel to another location for training. Please see pricing below.





$1.50 per mile


We'd love to hear from you

(502) 403-6730

9434 Mason Lane

Goshen, KY 40026

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